I am a guitar teacher for one and only reason…. I love to do it. I love finding many ways to explain a lesson, and I love seeing the progress of each student. My main focus is for both the student and I to have fun and learn.  Music is a great gift to life and I want to give it to as many people as I can. I hope you enjoy the art of guitar playing just as much as I have over these last twenty years.



    It is with great honor that I write this letter of recommondation for your stellar abilities to teach with such professionalism and patience.  Your unique ability to teach me a special skill set that is custom to my way of learning (I have dyslexia) has brought a new meaning to being a musician.  Your prompt consistent attendance has been a real fresh change of pace.  Most importantly, your calm and patient mannerism have created a relaxed and enjoyable twist of learning how to play guitar.  Over the last three years, you have allowed me to fulfill one of my "bucket list" items.  Now, because of your proven abilities to teach me I am relaxed and confident being considered a musician.  Thank you for your encouragement and great style of teaching.
          Student:  Tim (guitar 3 years)

     "He is great with the kids- very patient and creative!"  "You can tell he enjoys what he is doing because both teacher and student are always smiling and laughing during the lessons"  He finds strengths in each child and encourages them everytime" 
          Macantyre Family

  "He is very kind and explains things"  "He makes learning fun"
          Student:  Briana 8 years old (Ukelele 2 years)

     Josh is an excellent guitar teacher. He adapts his teaching approach to fit my individual needs and skill level. He continues to work with me to provide practical tips and excersises to develop all my skills(technique, timing, and listening) to master guitar. He is patient, positive, and very encouraging which helped me to keep progressing. He is a great guitarist, teacher and musical mentor. I highly recomend him. David (guitar 2 years)


      Josh Amara has been our 14 year old son Trav‘s guitar teacher for five years! We started out with ½ hour weekly lessons and for the last several years we have increased to seeing Josh for two hours each week in our home.  Josh is extremely knowledgeable about many different genres of music. He has great experience both teaching and performing as an artist. Josh is relaxed and fun in his demeanor, which is important to making the lessons enjoyable and productive. Josh is very reliable and consistent with his scheduling of private lessons. The lessons that Josh has provided have gone far beyond learning to play the guitar. Josh is able to be very comprehensive in his approach to include everything from music theory to band skills. Trav isn’t just a guitar player now; he is a young musician himself. I highly recommend Josh Amara as a private music instructor!